Dedicated to helping Deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world they cannot hear
Home Intervention for Deaf Children

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What we do

At the core of the HI HOPES programme are our Parent Advisors and Deaf Mentors, who provide personal, face-to-face support for families as they learn to deal with the unique challenges of raising a Deaf or hard of hearing child.

We do not advocate a specific method of communication; rather we build relationships with the families to explore solutions that are in the best interest of the child's overall development and the family's circumstances and specific needs.

The Parent Advisor visits the family on a regular basis during the first three years of the child's life, to assist with:

      • acceptance of the child's disability;
      • language assessment;
      • communication options: Spoken language, Signed Language and SimmComm (signing and speaking);
      • hearing aids;
      • listening skills;
      • daily routines to maximise language acquisition;
      • cochlear implants;
      • play and concept development;
      • speech therapy;
      • literacy.

Equally important are our Deaf Mentors – who are themselves Deaf and who act as role models, answering questions and sharing their experiences with families who want to meet happy and successful Deaf adults.

Parents derive great comfort from meeting these people – as well as gaining valuable insight into the language, culture and experience of the Deaf world.

Our services are offered at no cost to the family until the child turns three. For children identified after the age of three, a short term intervention is provided.

We rely on donations from the corporate sector and caring individuals to fund this vital service. Join our circle of supporters now by making your contribution online from anywhere in the world.

A qualified Pre-primary teacher, Carla Zille is the only member of the HI HOPES team who is both a trained Parent Advisor and a Deaf Mentor.



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