Dedicated to helping Deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world they cannot hear
Home Intervention for Deaf Children


HI HOPES provides support for families with Deaf or hard-of-hearing infants.

Our focus is on early intervention and promoting whichever method of communication is best suited to the particular child and his or her family.



For parents

Deaf Child with mom

Find answers to your questions, practical help, and connect to other parents of deaf children.

For professionals

Hearing aid for child

Partner with HI HOPES to get the best for your patients.

For good

sign language

Help fund more Parent Advisors so we can reach more deaf children.


image Cyclists raise funds for deaf babies
36 brave men and women participated in the Cape Cycle Race on Sunday 6 March, riding in orange for Team HI HOPES, raising funds for deaf and hard-of-hearing babies in South Africa.

[posted 14 April 2016]
image A decade of service to deaf babies and their families
2016 marks a decade of HI HOPES partnering with South African families to bring vital early intervention to deaf and hard of hearing infants.

[posted 14 April 2016]
image Calling parents of deaf children
Learn to communicate with your child by taking advantage of free South African Sign Language training.

[posted 14 April 2016]
image Meet Candice Morgan
Candice is one of our South African Deaf Heroes ...

[posted 14 April 2016]
image Deaf Mentor Training
51 Deaf adults underwent a rigorous 4 day training course recently in order to gain the necessary skills to join the HI HOPES team.

[posted 20 April 2016]






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