Dedicated to helping Deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world they cannot hear
Home Intervention for Deaf Children


HI HOPES provides support for families with Deaf or hard-of-hearing infants.

Our focus is on early intervention and promoting whichever method of communication is best suited to the particular child and his or her family.


For parents

Deaf Child with mom

Find answers to your questions, practical help, and connect to other parents of deaf children.

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Hearing aid for child

Partner with HI HOPES to get the best for your patients.

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sign language

Help fund more Parent Advisors so we can reach more deaf children.


image Why Deaf children experience tiredness and fatigue
If you are a parent of a Deaf child‚ you might have noticed that he or she gets more tired than hearing children. Here‘s why ...

[posted 3 February 2015]
image The Wits Centre for Deaf studies celebrates its 15th birthday
Hi Hopes is proud to be the outreach arm for the Wits Centre for Deaf Studies! What a celebration!

[posted 30 October 2014]
image Watch out for this Giant Ear!
Marisa Laidlaw is raising funds for us by dressing up in a giant ear suit to ride the Gears for Ears MTB Challenge on 26 October.

[posted 13 October 2014]
image Wits Centre for Deaf Studies leads Deaf Awareness Month Celebrations
Every September, the international Deaf community celebrates Deaf awareness month to raise awareness of Deaf-related issues

[posted 12 September 2014]
image New Parent Support Group launched
THRIVE is the brain child of Bianca Birdsey‚ who is the mother of three deaf babies.

[posted 12 September 2014]





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